Downloads available for Trial Demo at our Accounting Website

Downloads available for Trial Demo at our Accounting Website

Import / Download Option of Excel Files

  1. Society Master xls Society Master (Click to Download)

    1-Society Master
    Society Master
  2. Society Master xls Member Master 1 (Click to Download)

    2-Member Master 1
    Member Master 1
  3. Society Master xls Member Master 2 (Click to Download)

    3-Member Master 2
    Member Master 2
  4. Society Master xls Member Bill (Click to Download)

    4-Member Bill
    Member Bill
  5. Society Master xls Member Receipt (Click to Download)

    5-Member Receipt
    Member Receipt
  6. 6-Payment.xls Society Payment (Click to Download)

    6-Society Payment
    Society Payment

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Sai Accounting Services Leaflet
Sai Accounting Services Leaflet

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Maharashtra has one of the highest level of urbanisation of all Indian states. The mountainous topography and soil are not as suitable for intensive agriculture as the plains of North India; therefore, the proportion of the urban population (45.23 percent) contrasts starkly with the national average of developing metros and many large towns. Mumbai is the state capital with a population of approximately 15.2 million people.

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