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Housing Society Billing & Accounting

Housing Society Accounting Work


Facility for Secretary

Facility No.1 – Web based service for viewing Member Ledger
This facility is available only for Secretary.
The Secretary can view and print all or any of particular Member’s Maintenance Bill, Ledger & Arrears List, for current & previous years.

Facility No.2 – Web based service for viewing General Ledger
This facility is available only for Secretary.
The Secretary can view and print all or any of particular General Ledger, Cash-Bank Book & Trial Balance, for current & previous years.

Facility for Member

Facility No.1 – Web based service for viewing Member’s Ledger & Bill
This facility is available for Member.
The Member can view and print his own Maintenance Bill & Ledger, for current & previous years.

Facility No.2 – E-mail facility for sending Maintenance Bills & Receipt
This facility is available for Member.
This facility of sending bills through mail is very helpful for speedy recovery of maintenance. The Members will receive their Maintenance Bill & Receipts each month on their registered mail id regularly.

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Key Features

  • Free Trial for 2 months – Accounting Services
  • Viewing Members Bill, Ledger, Arrears List & Member List-Only for Secretary
  • Viewing General Ledger, Cash & Bank Book & Trial Balance-Only for Secretary
  • Viewing Own Maintenance Bill & Ledger-Only for Member
  • Email facility for sending Maintenance Bill & Receipt-Only for Member

We are in this field since 1996 and presently providing our service to more than 100 housing societies in and around Thane City on outsourcing basis. We are recognized as one of the best co-operative Housing Society Accounting Services in Thane. We would be quite enthusiastic to provide our services to your esteemed society as below :

Monthly Preparation of Maintenance Bills & Receipt

  • Maintenance Bills & Receipt
  • Maintenance Bills & Receipt Statement
  • Members Arrears Statement
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Collecting & Depositing of Maintenance Cheques
  • Updating of Society Bank Pass Book

Housing Society Accounting Work

Housing Society Accounting Work

Monthly charges Rs.20/- Per Member (inclusive of printing & stationery)
The above rate is applicable for 50 to 100 members of the society. If the members are more than 100, then the rate will be negotiable & if less than 50 the rate will be considerably more. Initial two month will be on trial basis. If the trial is not as per client’s satisfaction, then same will be non-chargeable & no continuous follow up for future business. Hence please do not hesitate for taking trial.

Optional / Additional facilities at extra cost.

Yearly Services : Housing Society Accounting Work

Preparation of following statements for audit purpose – Yearly Rs.520/- Per Society (cost of liasoning with the auditor during audit including the cost of printing & conveyance)

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income & Expenditure  
  3. Member arrears listing
  4. Fixed deposit
  5. Trial balance

Preparation of following books of accounts for audit purposeYearly Rs.25/- Per Member (cost of printing & book binding)

  1. Cash Book & Bank Book
  2. General Ledger (Assets, Liabilities, Income & Expenditure)
  3. Member Personal Ledger

Audit fee will be charged extra as per Government Panel Auditor

Audit fee will be quote by Auditor only. We provide Government Panel Auditor or Society may appoint the Auditor, as per their choice.

We also provide consultation and expert opinion for following listed jobs :-

  • Determining of maintenance charges as per bye-laws (for newly formed society)
  • Online Registration and Mandatory Return.
  • TDS deduction & filing quarterly return
  • Income tax & filing return
  • PAN & TAN registration
  • Payment of Education Fund
  • Submission of ‘O’ form
  • Fixed deposit of sinking & repair fund
  • Statutory books ( I, J Share & Nomination Register )
  • Minutes book
  • Election rules & procedure
  • Stilt parking rights
  • Non-occupancy charges
  • Recovery from defaulters
  • Flat transfer formalities
  • Transmission formalities
  • Endorsement of share certificate
  • No objection certificate given to flat seller (in case of mortgage)
  • Single flat but two agreement or two flats but single agreement
  • Provide estate manager part time / full time

Society Accounting Services in Thane

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We are one of the best service provider in cooperative housing society accounting work all around Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and all around Maharashtra. Housing Society Billing & Accounting